21: Igniting the Way – Dr Niro Sivathasan – Cosmetic Surgeon

by | Apr 12, 2021

As a third generation doctor, Dr Niro Sivathasan completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees from King’s College London and University College London, respectively, and worked across a variety of surgical specialties but focussed on plastic and burns surgery, and on head and neck reconstruction.

This was followed by a 2-year higher fellowship in general cosmetic surgery in Australia, and then a 2-year ‘super-specialty’ surgical fellowship in cosmetic penile surgery as the sole fellow to a surgical professor (urologist), who was a figurehead in augmentation phalloplasties.

Hanya chatted with Dr Niro about his practice Ignite Medispa, his skincare range, Australian Skincare Proprietary Limited and his plans for the future.

For more information on Dr Niro Sivathasan, please visit https://www.drniro.com.au/

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