61: Beautiful, Unique Faces – Anita East – Entrepreneur, Author, Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner,

by | Oct 24, 2023

An expert in the concept of modern beauty, Anita East is often called upon to present at meetings both in Australia and internationally.

Anita believes that all women are beautiful, but we need to be shown how to find our unique beauty.

After meeting and treating thousands of women globally in her MediSpa Clinic in Queensland, Australia and hearing
that we all have the same fears and concerns, Anita established a method to ensure women discover and then honour their unique beauty.

Beautiful Unique Faces, Anita’s first book, was released in September 2020 – she joined Hanya Oversby to discuss it and her approach to unlocking and enhancing the unique beauty in each and every client.

For more information on Anita, please click on this link.

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