35: Call My Lawyer! – Episode 1 – Doctor as Employee or Contractor – working in Medical Practices

by | Apr 4, 2022

Our first episode of the four-part Call My Lawyer! series addresses key legal considerations of the business of medicine with regard to the employment of doctors by medical business.

Hanya’s expert guest is Megan Warren, who is the principal lawyer at Burke & Associates Lawyers, in High Street Armadale, Victoria, Australia.

Megan has provided excellent legal advice to Hanya’s medical business clients over the years – now our listeners will benefit from the knowledge shared by both their legal and business insights.

Today’s episode deals specifically speaking about the case study of Thomas and Naaz v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue ( 2021) NSWCATAD259, with reference to two other recent case studies, to show that a pattern is emerging with regard to the type of decisions being made across Australia.

The ‘employee or contractor’ distinction is widely regarded as a complex distinction and a tricky one for businesses to make.

If you would like to find out more about the Checklist that Meghan refers to find out if you need to review your contract, please reach out to us on teresa@specialistsconsulting.com.au and we will connect you with the team at Burke & Associates lawyers.

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