33: The Beauty of Skin – Dr Ritu Gupta – Specialist Dermatologist

by | Oct 11, 2021

Dr Ritu Gupta is a highly trained dermatologist who brings extensive experience in a wide range of specialised skills to the Platinum Dermatology practice in Ultimo NSW Australia. Her three-pronged expertise in medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology

She graduated with Honours in Medicine from the University of Sydney and went on to complete 2 years of training in Emergency Medicine before embarking on dermatology training. Dr Gupta was awarded a PhD for ground-breaking research into Vitamin D and the skin. Her findings have served as a springboard for other researchers and work that continues today.

Dr Gupta is a well-rounded individual who enjoys her free time as much as her work time. Her interests include opera singing, and she, herself, was a finalist in the City of Sydney Opera Awards. She spoke about all this and more, with Hanya Oversby recently.

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