22: Cosmeceuticals Myth Buster – Dr Michelle Wong – Lab Muffin

by | Apr 26, 2021

Michelle Wong is a 30-something science educator with a PhD in super molecular and medicinal chemistry, based in Sydney, Australia. Prompted by questions from her friends regarding which beauty products actually work and frustrated by the claims made by those products and beauty bloggers providing incomplete information relating to them, she started an online business called Lab Muffin almost 10 years ago.

Michelle figured there weren’t enough easy to understand explanations of the science behind beauty products, so she set out to rectify this with a collection of blogs, YouTube videos, articles, Instagram posts and an e-book on the basics of skincare.

Michelle shared her insights with Hanya on her global platform and her mission to de-mystify claims of beauty products with science based product reviews, putting her extensive study to good use!

For more information on Dr Michelle Wong, please visit https://labmuffin.com/

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